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Player Inputs Podcast


Would Pikachu drop Pochinki or Mylta? How many Pikman do you think would die annually to lawn mowers? How does Link prefer his coffee? Nobody was asking these questions before, but we are now. It’s our service to the gaming community. Two friends who met online through video games now base their entire relationship on them. Join them in the discussion of gaming’s greatest discussions!



Marlfox is a life long gamer with 7+ years experience in the video game industry doing QA and UX. Used to play competitively in Call of Duty, StarCraft II, and Rocket League along with speedrunning platformers like Ori and the Blind Forest, Dustforce, and Mirror's Edge. Now he spends his time playing a wide variety of genres and enjoys connecting with other people who share his passion for gaming. He also has an incredibly needy cat that climbs all over him at every opportunity



NoxPhoenix has been gaming since his hands could hold a controller. Playing through the retro Nintendo era all the way to even having a professional spell in Rocket League. Now he is a twitch partner and loves his gaming circles. He enjoys plugging and and developing community around games and events. You can find him meticulously stopping at every booth when enjoying gaming conventions in order to ask questions to devs whether he is actually interested in the game or not.